Pickling beetroot session is a hit in residential home for teenage girls

Two weeks ago residents from one of the Oxfordshire childrens home harvested a bumper crop of beetroot. The girls made quick work of preparing (scrubbing) the beats, bringing them up to a steady boil, allowing them to cool off and then prepared them ready for pickling in vinegar. A brilliant way to preserve beetroot so they can be enjoyed at a later time with minimum effort.

Check online for other interesting pickling and chutney recipes.

Gracewell of Adderbury – proud onion growers this month

Residents and activity co-ordinator at Gracewell are excited and keen to harvest onions, these were sown from sets directly earlier this year. Kitchen staff have been making good use of them when they had a shortage. Brilliant to see how well these have grown in raised containers, largely down to individual efforts with keeping up with the watering. Great work!